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Obtain legal relief under bankruptcy law as well as relief from stress, sleepiness, and worry. Unable to pay your bills? Drowning in credit card debt? Even worse, facing foreclosure upon your home or repossession of your car?

There is a solution that stops harassing collection calls, gives you three to five years to catch up mortgage and car loan arrears and eliminates credit card balances.

Sosna Law Offices PLLC provide bankruptcy representation to families and individuals seeking assistance and relief under the federal bankruptcy law.

We have two attorneys and three offices in eastern North Carolina and offer a free initial consultation to discuss your circumstances in depth, so we can evaluate the options bankruptcy may provide you and your family.

This website will give you more information about bankruptcy and our firm. You may telephone or email us to schedule an appointment and can fill out a questionnaire on this website to save time on the day of your appointment.

We look forward to providing the legal representation and assistance you need.

Bankruptcy law, it's all we do!